This was the home of Bumperdo.

It started out as a way for me to keep my programming skills up to date (and learn about server management and other related skills in the process). I've been making websites since I was a kid, first as a pastime, then as a sidejob in college, but my dayjob did and does not involve building web stuff, so Bumperdo was my way of keeping in touch with those interests.

It became a useful tool for me, and in the process, for a couple of friends and colleagues. Between it's genesis in 2014, and the eventual closure in 2021, I slowly kept improving it.

However, it became increasingly difficult for me to maintain Bumperdo. While I did put in the time to make sure it stayed up to date in terms of security, near the end I hadn't released functionality updates for over a year. A big list of ideas, no time to build them properly, which meant even for me it was increasingly hard to use my own tool over better alternatives.

So, eventually I decided to shut down Bumperdo. Below you'll find some screenshots of how it looked near the end.

Personal note, if you used Bumperdo: I really, really want to thank you. The fact that I was able to build something that was useful to you and other people means a lot to me. Thank you.

Bumperdo worked with a boards - tasks structure Adding boards, and choosing a predefined layout Example of tasks in the board - default column view It's also possible to seemlessly switch between cards and list view Adding a task and setting deadlines I also built a dark mode Dark mode task view